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A Trip to Remember!

October 17, 2018 4 Comments

Staten Island Ferry A Trip to Remember

A couple of months after spending a wonderful week on the Caribbean island of Antigua . . .
I was on the Staten Island Ferry, heading to Manhattan. Halfway through the ride, the boat changed direction. I looked around wondering where we were going. None of the passengers seemed alarmed or to even notice the change in direction. Maybe the boat was taking a different route. After all, I'd only been on the ferry once before so I really wouldn't know.
But it sure looked as if we were headed out to sea. I wanted to find someone official to ask where we were going, but before I had a chance, I noticed the sun was shining and the sky had changed from grey to a brilliant blue. Very confused, I began to panic. I looked back to see how far we were from the city, but we were surrounded by the ocean; New York City had disappeared. And the water was changing color from dark to a bright azure blue common in the Caribbean.
I couldn't understand what was happening. Where were we? The speakers on the boat came to life and the captain announced, "We are about to arrive at our destination: Antigua." After the initial shock, I watched the passengers lining up to disembark. They didn't seem to be surprised by this announcement. On the contrary, they knew this was the ferry that took them to Antigua. It's a regularly scheduled ferry and it only takes 20 minutes. To be on it, you need to know it exists.
I woke up smiling, so happy to have discovered this shortcut. Some dreams are so vivid that they feel real. I happily keep reliving this one thinking If only . . .
A few months later I heard a story on the news about a Staten Island Ferry captain who was on his last trip before retiring. He decided to make it a memorable one and took the boat, with all its passengers, for a joy ride. He turned the wheel and steered the ferry toward the open water! When the police boats finally caught up with him, it was reported that the passengers were cheering him on!
When I heard that story, I knew where they were going-Antigua! I was thrilled.
*I searched the Internet for details of this story but I was not able to find a word. That doesn't mean it didn't happen; it might just be that it happened before everything was recorded on the Internet. I'll ask friends from Staten Island, if anyone remembers that day. I'm certain there is a record of it somewhere! If I find it, I'll let you know.
How about you?
  • Do you remember hearing about the runaway captain?
  • Do you have such vivid dreams that you are not certain if they are dreams or reality?
  • Have your dreams and reality overlapped in a way that makes you think it was a premonition?
A Note
My favorite part of storytelling is the dialogue that ensues. I hope you will take a moment to participate in the dialogue and let us know what you think.
P.S. Do you like these stories? Let me know.

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October 31, 2018

I am LOVING your stories! Most of my dreams are still about college and walking into a room where everyone is taking the midterm that I knew nothing about. PANIC. And yes, that happened in real life too.


October 18, 2018

Oh yes I have dreams that are so real I get lost. Sometimes they are depressing or frightening – and then I am relieved to remember it is a dream and I can change it. Other times I try to will myself back into that amazing world. I think we go somewhere – wish I cold make a reservation.

Adeline Olmer
Adeline Olmer

October 18, 2018

Thank You! Wow, those are going to be some dreams! I hope you’ll tell us about them.

Arlene Vaquer
Arlene Vaquer

October 18, 2018

I love your story! My dreams are still about work…. but I will ‘will’ myself to dream about hiking a snow capped mountain top, sailing on the ocean, a safari in the jungle and experiencing any other wonders of the world…

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