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Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 


January 14, 2021 2 Comments


I need a break. There is so much going on in the world that just my routine is starting to tire me out. A vacation would be nice. But maybe there’s an alternative—something undemanding that would keep my mind busy and challenged without feeling like work would be nice.

A friend sent me a puzzle for Christmas—a great gift. Just seeing it in its box made me happy.

Puzzles, bring back memories of being on vacation and everyone huddled around the floor or table looking at hundreds of pieces trying to place them in the right spot. It was always fun, distracting, and spelled vacation. Something I need right now. Isolation needs a distraction and a puzzle seems perfect.

I spill out all those wonderful pieces on our table and start. Five minutes here and there and the edge is complete.

There is something about a puzzle that is addictive. When the workday is finished it seems to call to us. Mark and I find ourselves sitting around the table gazing down and trying to create order out of the pieces. 

We are working on a map of New York City.  

It gets a bit competitive, but it’s satisfying fitting those pieces together—especially that illusive piece that I’m certain they forgot to put into the box, or maybe the dog ate it, because I’ve looked at every other piece in front of me at least 200 times . . . and then it appears, a little like that missing sock the dryer gobbles up, except the sock never seems to reappear.

And you know what, it’s fun.

With the puzzle close to completion, my anxiety level begins to rise—I’m not ready to go back to playing solitaire. So I do the logical thing: search the internet for another puzzle and order it.

Since I’m obsessed with food, you guessed it, I ordered a food puzzle.

Here are some ideas in case you need a bit of a distraction too.


And if you need a little reminder of months pastthis is the perfect puzzle for you. 

Enjoy -

Take a moment and let us know what you're doing right now to get through these crazy times? Keep the dialogue going. We'd love to hear your thoughts. 


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January 19, 2021

Adeline, I’m glad you liked the puzzle…& so much so that you wrote a blog about it! What could be an even better thank you than the one you already gave me. I’m very flattered. I purchased a puzzle of a vintage typewriter for myself. Time to get it out!
PS Here’s an unabashed plug for retail…I purchased mine at a Barnes & Noble. (We need to keep our shops, large & small, open.) They have a large assortment of all kinds of puzzles + do curbside pickup for those who don’t want to go in the store…& they ship online.

John Taussik
John Taussik

January 15, 2021

Being color blind I always found jigsaw puzzles very frustrating, but I have recently discovered a website ( which publishes a new, free, puzzle every day for completion on line. You can increase/decrease the level of difficulty by changing the number of pieces and also the background to increase the contrast of the pieces. I’ve found it very therapeutic and now enjoy these puzzles

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