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Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 

An Oscar Surprise – Not the One You Think

February 28, 2017

An Oscar Surprise – Not the One You Think

An Oscar Surprise – Not the One You Think

If you are like me and watched the Oscars’ to the end, boy did it pay off. Watching and being a part of the confusion as it was happening was amazing. Not just because it was beyond belief that they could announce the wrong movie as the winner for the best movie of the year, but because you almost never see anything that isn’t scripted beyond an inch of it’s life on TV. It was, life, not reality TV, happening and if you were watching, as the viewer you were totally a part of it! It does happen, but not often and when it does it’s the best TV ever.

The other surprise happened on the red carpet. Isabelle Huppert, who was nominated for an oscar for best actress for her role in Elle, was in front of the camera with visible lines around her eyes.


This is worth repeating; she was on the Red Carpet without having been retouched by a plastic surgeon. I saw a woman with a mature face with lines that defined the visage of a real women. There is no denying that she is a beautiful woman, a stunning women with lines that she is not afraid of showing. You could call them wrinkles, but that would be limiting. A judgement based on a belief that lines are a bad thing and they have to be removed. Instead what I saw was a confident woman who felt good about her looks. A woman who projects her beauty and self-assurance in a way that makes you look and admire the fact that she is real. WOW!

I want to congratulate, Ms Huppert but especially I want to say thank you.

Hollywood has helped promote the belief that a woman can only be beautiful if her appearance is perfect, any flaws need to be removed. What Isabelle Huppert reminded us was that true beauty can be imperfect especially when it is expressed through confidence and allure.

It was refreshing to see.

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