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January 28, 2021


It’s a good question, but the real question is what kind of dinner do you plan to have?

Standing in front of an open refrigerator nibbling on leftovers? Or maybe standing over the sink eating that leftover chicken leg? I’ve done a lot of nibbling to satisfy my hunger without taking the time to have a meal. After all, no one is home so I don’t really need to make a big production out of dinner. But I’ve found that it almost always leaves me feeling unfulfilled. Technically I’m full, I’ve squelched my hunger, but I find myself longing for something I find hard to identify.

The rest of the evening, I wander back to the kitchen looking for that illusive thing that’s still missing. Maybe something sweet. Then a bit later, something salty to balance out the sweet. The point is no matter what I eat it doesn’t satisfy that yearning.

It took a while for me to discover that a meal isn’t just putting food into my mouth to satisfy my hunger. It is a ritual that feeds my entire being.

If I don’t take the time or make an effort to prepare and serve myself a meal, I just nibble to get it over with, ignoring my emotional being who also needs to be nourished. Meal time is an opportunity to feed all of me. It is a gift we can give ourselves. 

Ask yourself:
How do you welcome guests when you invite them to your home to share a meal?
That is the same way you should treat yourself.

Set the table and serve yourself a meal. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated; it can even be Chinese food that you’ve ordered in. What it can’t be is eaten out of the package, standing up or while you are doing something else.

I’ve discovered that taking the time to be as good to myself as I am to my family and friends fills me with love that nourishes my soul at the same time the food is feeding my body. When I’m done, I’m full, no longer looking for that illusive thing that was previously missing.

The bottom line: be good to yourself; you deserve it.


"Show me another pleasure
like dinner which comes
every day and lasts
                         an hour."                        
—Charles Maurice de Talleyrand           



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