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Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 

I didn’t go to Provence . . . What I won’t miss

August 23, 2017

I didn’t go to Provence . . . What I won’t miss

There are so many things I miss about Provence when I’m not there, but lavender isn’t one of them.

 I love the smell so much that every time I’m in Provence I go to the Marché and buy enough fresh  lavender to fill a large box to ship home.

The first time I sent a box home, I went to the post office to see if it had arrived. When I opened the post office door the smell of lavender wafted out at me. There was no question my package had arrived.

It’s a smell that defines Provence and is known for all its curative qualities.  It’s both enlivening and calming, it cures headaches, repels moths, flies and mosquitoes. It’s used as a disinfectant as well as a perfume, to name just a few.

My other passion is going to the antique market at L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue near Avignon. It’s a beautiful village that, at Easter and in August, fills with antique vendors selling everything you can image. I can’t resist the textiles and pick up enough vintage pieces to fill another box to ship home. The textiles are perfect for the covers of the lavender sachets that we make.


I keep these beautiful bundles of lavender all over the house; whenever I open a drawer and get a whiff I can’t help but smile and think of Provence.


They make perfect gifts. Who wouldn’t want a little bit of Provence as a Thank you?

By the way, since we didn’t go to Provence this year my supply of lavender is limited. If you want some don’t wait. 


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