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Slowing Down My Life

January 23, 2012

Playing Cards

As January nears its end and I think back on the holidays, I’m amazed that they are a complete blur. They are always busy with family and friends. Before I know it they have passed, and I wonder how that happened, remembering the days when Christmas seemed to take forever to arrive and lingered as if there were nothing else to do but savor the days.

I don’t know if it is because there is just so much to do or that the focus is on so many things at once, but the blur that is now our celebrations makes me long for ways to slow down, even if it is just a little.

I found that thinking of New Year resolutions is a good way to start slowing down my life. Having more time isn’t going to happen unless I find a way to make the time myself by slowing down. I can think of two things that might work:

The first change is to plan ahead so that I don’t find myself rushing to get things done. A few years ago we gave a big Christmas party at the beginning of December. When the party was over, I was ready for the holidays to begin. It allowed for a more relaxed and leisurely holiday season to enjoy everything there was to do.

The second change is to mix up my routine. It could be skipping the news for the evening and sitting in a different area of my home to enjoy a conversation over a glass of wine, or it could be doing as I watched my grandparents do and taking out a deck of cards to play a few hands of gin rummy after dinner. Growing up, we played cards a lot. It was a fun way to spend time face-to-face. It always sparked our competitive streaks and led to animated conversations that would inevitably end in laughs and promises of a rematch.

Whatever it is I decide to change, just considering how I might alter my routine has made me aware of how I spend my time instead of just settling into my usual habits without much thought.

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