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Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 

The Perfect Mustard to go with the Spiral Cut Ham

April 10, 2008


A spicy, sweet mustard is the perfect compliment to the flavor of this ham. As it turns out, the company that offers the perfect ham is not the company that makes the best mustard to go with it.

Since I was ordering the spiral cut ham from Harrington of Vermont I ordered their mustard. That was a mistake. It was bland and totally uninteresting. Mustard is a condiment that needs to add a layer of flavor to complement the ham. This one did not.

I found two mustards that were perfect! —Olde Cape Cod Sweet Hot Honey Mustard and Maille Honey Dijon Mustard

Olde Cape Cod Sweet Hot Honey Mustard – is the perfect combination of sweet and sharp and is full of flavor. This mustard is just the right mix of sweet and hot and has enough flavor to stand up to the baked ham perfectly. It is good enough to eat on its own with a little bread as accompaniment.

Maille Sweet Mustard – is slightly spicier and less sweet then the Olde Cape Cod brand, yet the balance of flavors is perfect. If you like a sharper taste, this is the mustard for you. It complements the ham without overpowering it in any way.

I found myself making little sandwiches with the fresh baked biscuits, lots of mustard and a little ham. They were so delicious that our daughter has already put in her order for a repeat performance. I can imagine it would also be wonderful on black bread with a good commercial ham.

Both of these mustards are excellent and worth having in your refrigerator. I would happily use either.


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