Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 

Get Free Download  7 French Secrets to Staying Sexy! 

You don’t have to be French to have French style . . .

April 18, 2012

  What you need is to know the secrets.           It is not what you wear as much as how you wear it. Accessories and attitude go a long way!   Lucky Magazine Self Magazine Fashion abcedaire Keep it Chic The Fete Blog    [print_link]

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Is Sugar Toxic?

April 14, 2012

Sometimes you hear something that you know is true even without knowing all the facts. I felt that way when I heard the 60 Minute piece Is sugar toxic? by Dr. Sanjay Gupta “He reports on new research showing that beyond weight gain, sugar can take a serious toll on your health, worsening conditions ranging from heart disease to cancer.” […]

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Sometimes I don’t Follow my own Directions

April 10, 2012

I made a decision partway through the cooking of my lamb that it might not be done in time. This is a fear grounded in past experiences of waiting and waiting for whatever was in the oven to be done. Through no fault of mine, the cooking sometimes just takes longer than the recipe indicates. I would start stressing as […]

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It’s Time to Talk About Dessert!

April 06, 2012

  Yes those are jellybeans on the branches . . . they add the perfect touch of color and whimsy. My favorite part of making a good meal is the dessert. Sometimes I know what’s for dessert before I’ve decided on the rest of the meal. Part of the fun is exploring recipes and imagining the tastes, I do the […]

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What’s for Easter Dinner?

April 03, 2012

  Roast leg of lamb was traditional Easter fare growing up. It was made with rosemary and garlic as is done in many of the recipes I’ve read, but in France we always added lima beans in the bottom of the pan as the lamb was cooking.  The baby lima beans soaked up the juices of the roasting meat and […]

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Smile . . .

March 28, 2012

  When a smile comes across my face, I know my table decor is on the right track. I like a little whimsy, but at the same time I don’t want it to become silly . . . but I do want it to make me happy.  If I’m smiling there is a good chance my guests will too! The […]

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As Cute as Peeps Are…

March 26, 2012

My Easter table is about eggs . . .    real eggs, chocolate eggs, and of course jellybeans   One year I just poured jelly beans around the table and everyone nibbled.   [print_link]

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I Wish I had Thought of This!

March 16, 2012

  I LOVE this!! This simple and unexpected way of storing and displaying your collection of shoes is wonderful. It fulfills my desire to show off my shoes and my need for order.     [print_link]  

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Organized Chaos

March 12, 2012

I love my shoes especially when  I can see them! When my closets start overflowing and the thought of finding something feels like torture.  It’s time to rethink the concept of storage. I love my belongings especially when they display their magic on my dining table, or on my feet.  The problem occurs when it’s time to put them away, […]

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Winter at Home

February 29, 2012

Winter has me wanting to spend time in my home. The same time that I would have ordinarily spent outside is now free for all those projects I’ve been thinking of. Sometimes I have an actual task that keeps me busy, such as redoing the guest room, painting the trim in the family room, or even just moving things around […]

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And The Winner is . . . RED !

February 27, 2012

  Michelle Williams in Christian Dior,  Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli and Natalie Portman wearing  Vintage Christian Dior   [print_link]  

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Then there is your home

February 16, 2012

Adding red to your home décor has the same impact as it does when you add it to your look. Try adding a red pillow, a lamp, lampshade, or even, if you want to be really dramatic, a red wall. The result creates the same wow effect that you get when you put on those perfect red shoes or that […]

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